Envirotrade Carbon Livelihoods projects

Envirotrade currently applies its proven project model at three separate sites in Mozambique. The Sofala Community Carbon Project, which generates Plan Vivo / CCBA Gold VERs, operates through two sub-projects in the buffer zone of the Gorongosa National Park and in the Zambezi Delta region. The Quirimbas Community Carbon Project, which Envirotrade has been developing in northern Mozambique since early 2008, is currently seeking project finance to enable validation under a third party carbon standard and full scale development.

In addition to these three project sites, Envirotrade is actively developing plans for two further large scale forest protection (REDD+) and community agroforestry projects in other regions of Mozambique. Details of these two projects will be announced when feasibility studies have been completed.

Envirotrade has three Carbon Livelihoods Project Sites in Mozambique: